Your personal Church Media Assistant – at 90% less cost to your church!

* Fresh Media Content every month for your new Sermon Series, Children’s Ministry, Student Ministry and more!
* Cut the cost of a Content Producer by over 90%.
* Save your church more than $30,000 a year.
* Custom-Made Media Content branded only to your church or ministry.

I’ve served on staff at two large churches with multiple campuses and as a Media Director for an International Ministry. At one church I served, I was the only guy creating media content for 4 campuses! I know first-hand the time and energy it takes to create fresh content every month for a church.


The average salary for a Media Director in a church is between $40-80K a year. 


Most churches struggle to pour the money into hiring one media guy, let alone a whole team. In a lot of churches, the media guy is a one-man band with maybe a small team of volunteers. This one guy is not only responsible for making sure everything for Sunday from a media perspective is executed well, but is responsible for creating or finding all of the content for Sunday. This can be a huge task on one person. I’ve been there.


That’s why I created Church Media in a Box.


Church Media in a Box is your Personal Church Media Assistant. We deliver high-quality pre-produced Worship Media content AND Custom-Made media branded for only your church straight to your inbox every month.


It’s like having a full-time Content Producer for 90% less than your church would pay for a Full-Time Staff member. I created it because I have a passion to help churches create amazing experiences for their church using media.


As I travel speaking and coaching production teams at churches of all sizes, I continued to see media staff that were being stretched too thin and churches that needed to use their money and resources for other ministry efforts. With Church Media in a Box, you’re hiring a full-time staff member, at more than $30K less than you would at your church – without paying benefits, and other staff costs.


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Church Media in a Box includes pre-produced Worship Media content AND Custom Media built from scratch for your church or ministry. Our team will personally work with your staff team to produce Custom Media content for your church or ministry. We’ll also send Worship Media directly to your inbox once a month! Here is what’s in the box every single month:


Custom Media Content:

– 1  :30 Video for your church or ministry area
(We’ll produce a Promotional Video, Sermon Bumper, Series Trailer or other custom video specifically designed for your church or ministry area.)

– 1  Five-Minute Countdown

– 3  Custom Motion Backgrounds 
(We’ll produce Motion Title Slides, Social Media Slides, Church Ads, Blank Slides for Announcements, Logo Animations and more!)

– 3  Custom Still Backgrounds 
(Have us create Church Ads, Title Graphics, Announcement Slides, and more!)


Worship Media Content:

– 1  Full Worship Media Collection
(1 Countdowns, 8 Motion Backgrounds, 8 Still Backgrounds)

– 1  Mini-Movie

(Choose from our selection of Ready-to-Use Mini-Movies and we’ll include one a month in your Box.)



“If you value excellence in both creativity and collaboration, then you should have [twelve:thirty]media on your list. We have worked with them on several projects and have found nothing but excellence in every aspect. They are easy to work with and have delivered quick turnarounds on all our media needs. We are looking forward to a long standing relationship.”

– DAVID COX  LifePoint Church, Smryna, TN


“We are consistently impressed with the professionalism, efficiency, quality, and creativity of [twelve:thirty]media. They have worked with us on multiple custom projects for Westover Church including message series media, song support videos, and logo branding. What we appreciate most is their deadline-sensitive work ethic and a “can do” creative spirit.”
– DAN GRASSI  Westover Church, Greensboro, NC


$499 / month

*A $1,600 Value for one low monthly cost!
*Requires a 12-Month Commitment

The Numbers:

Church Media in a Box is not for every church, and that’s okay. We offer individual Worship Media products in our Online Store, we also offer A La Carte and Package Pricing on all of our Custom Media. Church Media in a Box is for churches looking to save big bucks in their budget so money can be used in other ministry areas.

If you’re a church that either has a media team that’s stretched too thin and you need to outsource some of your media content or if you’re a church that doesn’t have the resources during this season in the life of your church to bring on more media staff to your team, Church Media in a Box is for you!

We do require a 12-Month Commitment to Church Media in a Box. Why? Because we want to offer a low-cost alternative to churches and ministries that need more media content but don’t have the means via staff to accomplish it. Let’s be real here – think of the salary and benefits cost for a staff member. Your church would save over $30,000 a year using Church Media in a Box. From a stewardship perspective, it’s a no-brainer.


Sign Up for Church Media in a Box in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Click Here or on the link above to visit our Project Planner.
2. Select Church Media in a Box in the list provided and submit our Project Planner form.
3. We’ll send you your Worship Media and promptly contact you to get your Custom Media in the works!

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