5 Quick and Easy Apps for Graphic Design

If you are reading this post, you most likely already value quality graphic work. Be it for print materials, in service screen graphics, creative social media posts etc… you agree that this should be done and be done well. And … Read more.

Negative Space

*This article first appeared on SundayMag.tv on August 5, 2015. Check out the original article here. With any project, it can be much more powerful to leave things out rather than keep everything in.   Let’s think about some of the … Read more.

Crazy Ideas

“I have an idea.” These 4 words maybe the most powerful 4 words in our language. But what makes an idea good instead of crazy? And is a crazy idea a bad idea? I think we have so many descriptors … Read more.

Creative Privilege

Creative Privilege I was born in the United States. I was born wealthy. I was born white. I was born male.   Those four statements have awarded me an incredible magnitude of privilege. For example, take the following into consideration: … Read more.

3 Ways to Cultivate Creative Environments

I’m a sucker for a good environment. Maybe you’re the same way… you’ll pick a place to eat as much for the ambiance as you will for the food. But, of course, the best is when both align to create … Read more.

Creative People Are Different

Creative people are different. No secret right. Let’s be honest there are a lot of times we walk by the “creative offices” and wonder what in the world is happening in that room? There are people lying on the floor, … Read more.

Brainstorming Meetings That Pour Down Ideas

The creative process can feel like capturing lightning in a bottle. Below are some steps to ensure you release the creative talent on your team and leverage your brainstorming meetings to the max. Communicate The Scope Beforehand A lot of … Read more.

Props are Things, Sets are Places.

You’re playing Pictionary, and the clue to draw is “The Beach.” You sketch a sandcastle, an umbrella, and luckily someone shouts out “beach!” before you even attempt to doodle a jetty. It’s pretty easy to come up with a list … Read more.

Thinking Outside The Box

I’ve been watching the “Chef’s Table” documentary series on Netflix. In one episode, Grant Achatz, head chef at Alinea in Chicago, offered a great challenge to creatives everywhere. “Why do we limit portions according to the standards of plate manufacturers? … Read more.

Running a Great Band Audition

Running a great audition sets the tone for possible years of partnership with a band member. Taking the time to think it through and execute it well, laying a solid foundation of trust to build upon. Below are some pointers … Read more.

Tips For The Perfect Haze

We all know the difference: a well-hazed room is virtually undetectable under normal lighting conditions – but really sings when sharp, theatrical beams cut through the ether. A poorly hazed room feels like a smoky bar with clouds of thick, … Read more.

Freelancing as a Church Media Producer

My first freelance gig came 2 years into my job at Ginghamsburg. The owner of a local car dealership, and member of Ginghamsburg, asked me to produce a video. He was scheduled to speak at a leadership summit and was … Read more.

3 Reasons To Use Macs In Your Church Production Facility

I love communities, especially when it comes to media. I’m part of several different Facebook groups that connect church media people from production and lighting, to graphics, advertising and communication. I can always find useful information there, fun quips about … Read more.

Striking Out

In major league baseball, most would agree that any batter with an average over .300 is considered successful. That means as long as he gets a hit 3 out of the 10 times he steps up to the plate, he’s … Read more.

Why Quality Design Matters

First of all – I get it. Everyone has to start somewhere. Not all of our churches have teams of designers and an infinite amount of gold bricks just sitting in the bank. Most of the time churches have to … Read more.

Video Testimony Checklist

Many churches use video testimonies in their services to tell powerful stories of redemption and restoration ­ stories of God at work. These types of personal and intimate stories work best between friends ­ when the interviewer and interviewee know … Read more.

How to Write Great Announcements

Every church has a chance to call their congregation to incredible opportunities of service and growth for themselves and the Kingdom of God every Sunday. Every Sunday there are opportunities to express avenues of activity that can make an eternal … Read more.

Storytelling through Photography

The church has the most important message to communicate – that everyone is unfathomably loved by God. The church needs the best communication tools to convey that message. Capturing great photos is one way to do that. Through incredible storytelling, … Read more.

5 Ways Your Church Can Benefit from Fiverr.com

If you aren’t familiar with fiverr.com, it is a service based site where a multitude of services are offered, all starting at $5. From graphic design, to digital marketing, to language translation- Fiverr has it all, from professionals and amateurs … Read more.

5 Reasons You Should Have a Content Manager

Getting decent, well-written, rich content from ministries and ministry leaders can be challenging at times. Some staff simply don’t have the time, while others just simply aren’t wired to write good content. So how are we supposed to gather valuable … Read more.

20 Ways to Tell One Story

I can pinpoint the beginning of my fascination with multimedia. I was sitting in class, a junior in college, when my professor unleashed the most eye-opening, brain shattering information my poor brain had ever absorbed: The word “media” is plural. … Read more.

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