Ways to Quickly Build Influence

This post comes from a personal place for me. After 6 years at my previous church, I’m in a new place of service. I’m with new people, new coworkers, and a new environment. Being a pastor and someone who wants … Read more.

When Manager and Minister Collide

In the world of church leadership, there are numerous hats that leaders end up wearing. Many times, the art of balancing pastor, administrator, counselor, creative guru and other miscellaneous titles, can end up in a heaping mess on the floor … Read more.

Community Collaboration

Is your church a part of your community?   A few years ago, our middle school ministry hosted a Q&A panel. We invited local law enforcement officers, teachers, coaches, and counselors to come and speak on questions posed by an … Read more.

How To Unplug From Leadership

One of the times of year my family looks forward to the most is our annual camping trip to Lake Michigan. We sleep in a tent, cook around a campfire and spend a week without a schedule, alarms or obligations. … Read more.

How Well Does Your Team Know You?

I think the vast majority of us would agree that the strength of the team comes often time from the relationships built outside of serving together. If a volunteer team only meets up on Sunday and doesn’t talk the rest … Read more.

Keepin’ It Real with Sadie Robertson

Hey guys, today’s post has very little to do with Church Media – but I had the opportunity to chat with Sadie Robertson who stars on the hit show Duck Dynasty and was Runner-Up on Season 19 of Dancing with … Read more.

You’re Never Gonna Please Everyone

In all my experience working at a church, there’s one problem I’ve never been able to solve. It’s one of the most pervasive conflicts churches around the world experience. And it’s a huge form of strife among churchgoers – especially … Read more.

How To Fire A Volunteer

Do you ever have a volunteer that is not a great fit for your team or the position they are in on your team? Do you worry about dealing with the situation because they are a volunteer? I’ve been there. … Read more.

5 Ways to Develop Young Leaders

My friend Kim Porter wrote a very powerful article on Wednesday on the topic of leadership and the times ‘when you don’t know it all’ as a leader. And she’s right, you don’t have to know everything about a certain … Read more.

When You Don’t Know it All

Six years ago, I stepped into a role I didn’t feel even slightly prepared to take on. My husband, Todd, and I had came down from the Detroit area with our kids so that he could take on the position … Read more.

A Test of WILL

I asked Will to throw a shoe at my face when the clock hit midnight at a new year’s eve party for high-schoolers at Ginghamsburg. I had never met him before. I was just a chaperone trying to make things … Read more.

5 Ways to Generate New Ideas

Ever had one of those seasons where you just felt like the idea well had run dry? I know I have. As creatives in a church environment we can often get wrapped up in the day to day. After all, … Read more.

5 Ways to Motivate Your Team

We had been defeated. Never had my wife and I worked toward a common goal with such ferocity and dedication. We had oriented every moment of our day around achieving this allusive dream and enjoying the thrill of victory and … Read more.


There is a misconception that multi-tasking makes you more productive. However, research shows that we are much more productive when we focus on one thing at a time. I ran across the video below from author and speaker Phil Cooke talking … Read more.

Sticky Messages: 5 Ways to Make Messages Stick

It’s a universal truth among churches; everyone who has anything to do with Sunday mornings puts hours of work into making them perfect. All of that work has to amount to something right? With so much time and importance placed … Read more.

The Voices in Our Head

A while back, I had an experience that you might be able to relate to.   We had just finished our church service with worship and communion.  As the music team was slowly unplugging and turning off their equipment, we … Read more.

Tips for Recruiting Lasting Servants

At most churches, the media team is a really accessible entry-point into the world of “serving”. I’ve found that several of our weekend tasks are easy enough for a 7th grader. Several of our students have progressed to careers in … Read more.


“Relevancy” is an interesting word. I understand it’s draw. To a large degree, I even understand it’s importance. So sure… keep striving for relevancy in your churches. BUT (and it’s a big one), the battle to remain relevant is one … Read more.

4 Ways to Get Great Feedback from your Team

Great leaders understand the value of quality feedback. Not just from your customers (or in the church’s case, your congregation) but also from the teams you work with on a weekly basis. Our ministry teams are a wealth of information, … Read more.

Slow Down

I used to believe that driving faster would help me save fuel (I was just starting to drive at this time). Later, I believed the slower I drove the better my mileage would be. As research has shown- right around … Read more.

3 Reasons Why Planning is so Important

1. It Brings You Closer to God Proverbs 16:3 ESV “Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.” Even as you plan and prepare for service/events/etc, pray to ask that God would guide and lead you … Read more.

You’ve Got to Serve Somebody

My first job in a church was the Worship Leader. While different job titles have come and gone, my role as a Worship Leader has always stuck. As I grow in my knowledge and abilities in, I try to remember … Read more.


Relevance is a tricky thing. It’s a sliding scale depending on the demographic, and yet it is incredibly black and white. Nothing is “kind of” relevant. It either is or it isn’t. Especially in the church. In centuries past, the … Read more.

Starting with a Vision

As we all know, media comes in many forms.  In 2015, its in Radio, TV, Internet, Print, Social Media and as we have recently discussed on this blog, Film and Movies. By the way I want to give [twelve:thirty]media owner … Read more.

5 Things to Do When You Want to Walk Away

Sometimes I think about just packing it all in, shutting the proverbial and quite literal church doors, and just walking away. Not often, mind you, but every once in a while. I think if we are honest with ourselves, every … Read more.

Own It

When it comes to volunteers we all have people all across the serving spectrum. On one side there are the people who would serve at every opportunity and then we have those on the other side of the spectrum who … Read more.

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